From relaxing in nature to celebrating in the city, there are plenty of things
to do in Central Africa.

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your authentic gateway to the true nature of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) where stories are told by the people, for the people and with the people. Beyond the headlines and stereotypes, we want you to truly discover a nation rich in history, culture, and daily life. Engage with our content and let the original stories of the DRC captivate your spirit.

How it all started

Our Journey!

CongoTalks243.com, envisioned by Felicite Kazadi, is not just a web platform but a mission to narrate the untold stories of the DRC. Growing up amidst the vibrant Congolese culture, Felicite recognized the gap between her experiences and global perceptions. This realization birthed CongoTalks243 – an initiative to share the DRC’s true essence: the good, the better and the best; the stories of yesterday, today and tomorrow! From its historical tales to its cultural richness and everyday life, we aspire to paint a fuller, bona fide and current picture of this Central African gem.

Let's meet Felicite Kazadi

Born in the DRC’s heartlands, Felicite Kazadi’s life was a cocktail of colours, sounds, tastes, and textures unique to the Congolese experience. After moving to the Pacific region, she confronted global misconceptions about her homeland. Her passion for sharing the real DRC led to CongoTalks243 in 2019. Through this platform, we hope to bridge perceptions, sharing the nation she knows and loves with the world.


DRC has 4 native languages: LINGALA, SWAHILI, TSHILUBA and KIKONGO the most spoken native languages are Lingala and Swahili. The official language is French which is almost the most spoken language in the country.

What’s Congo’s currency?

CDF or the Congolese Franc is the DRC’s official currency USD is also very used in the country

Time zone

Time zone in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (GMT+1)