Congolese culture has so much to offer; from its fabulous meals, and customs for different important celebrations, to a bunch of traditions that have been respected for centuries.


One of Congo’s valuable assets is its cultural diversity. The DRC is a cultural wonderland. Birthed from pre-colonial kingdoms, its culture today is a harmonious blend of traditions, practices, music, and art. Experience the beauty of Congolese weddings, music, delicacies, and the social fabric that binds its people.

For many centuries the DRC has been organising marriage in fixing a type of dowry

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Like many other African countries, Congo is made up of different precolonial kingdoms that had their own cultural practices, and all of them were merged together into one country. As a result, there are numerous ways that Congolese people display their culture, whether in marriage, food, music, or just in their social structure. Let us showcase that culture in its truly diverse sense.