You may want to know the most beautiful cities/towns in the Democratic Republic of Congo to think about visiting one day for its diverse fauna and flora, its waters, its mineral resources… In this cultural section of CongoTalks243, we will list 9 beautiful cities/towns of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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1. Goma

In the East of the DRC we find a very beautiful city to visit that deserves its first place  among the 9 beautiful cities/towns in the DRC, Goma is the capital of the province of North Kivu but also the tourist capital of the DRC, much more because of Lake Kivu, the Serena hotel, the Nyiragongo mountain, the volcanoes, the Virunga park with the mountain gorillas, so it is the famous touristic center in DRC. Coltan is found there for the manufacture of smartphones. Swahili and French are spoken in Goma.


It’s true, being the capital, it’s normal that it appears on our list of 9 beautiful cities/towns in the DRC. Kinshasa or Kin is one of the beautiful cities to visit in congo, more Lingala and French are spoken but also Tshiluba, Kikongo, and Kiswahili. The seat of the Congolese government is full of warm places to visit like the N’sele park, the Congo river with the Mfuti square, the bonobo monkeys in Lola ya Bonobos, etc… It is based on agribusiness, textiles, and beers, the center of Congolese culture.


Lubumbashi is the second-largest city in the DRC and is undoubtedly the economic capital of the country, the language is Swahili and French, there are also Lingala and some dialects, you can find several mining companies (copper, cobalt first producer in the world, etc.) great restaurants, a beautiful botanical garden. Also known as Lushi, it is the capital of the province of Haut-Katanga in the south of the DRC. A calm traffic, a calm living… Lubumbashi is one of the best places to live in DRC.


Our top 9 beautiful cities/towns in the DRC does not exclude Likasi, a city in the province of Haut-Katanga in the south of the country, where Swahili, French, and a little Lingala are spoken. It is  one of the best places to live in Congo. Cobalt and copper are produced and it is a city that has so much to offer too. It is a wonderful place where we find an attractive park, mountains, hills, and a mineralogical museum to show you a range of the world’s most sought-after minerals.


The only maritime town of the DRC, Muanda in the province of Central Kongo. The original province of the Kongo kingdom, holds stories about Afro movements of Kimpa Vita and Simon kimbangu. Muanda is a town with a splendid and nice view of the Atlantic Ocean and is known for its beautiful beaches and great oil reserve. It is one of the best places to visit in DR. Congo. Swimming, fishing are as interesting as it’s warm atmosphere. Their main languages are Kikongo and Lingala. It deserves its place in the top 9 beautiful cities/towns of the DRC.


View of Bukavu city of the DRC

The capital of the province of South Kivu, 60% of the world’s coltan reserves are found here, it is a very welcoming city where Swahili and French are spoken, there is also an extremely interesting national park, the Kahuzi-biega, which is one of the best places to visit in Congo. It hosts the eastern lowland gorillas.


Kolwezi is the capital of the province of Lualaba in the south of the DR.CONGO. It is also one of the beautiful cities, where we find copper (used for electric cables), cobalt (for batteries), uranium (for nuclear power stations), and radium. The main languages are Kiswahili and French.  There are various beautiful places to visit.


Kalemi is the capital of Tanganyika province, it is known for its fish trade but also for its lake Tanganyika the largest lake in Africa, the second oldest freshwater lake in the world, and the beaches. It holds much more important minerals of copper, cobalt, etc. The main languages are Kiswahili and French, even Lingala is spoken.


The capital of Kasai-Oriental, Mbuji-maï is one of the most beautiful cities/towns of the DRC, it is famous for its large Diamond reserve as in the 1950s it had got the largest Diamond deposits in the world. The DRC produces almost ⅕ of the world’s industrial Diamond production. The language of the city is Tshiluba and French but Lingala is also spoken.


The Democratic Republic of Congo has got many nice places, we have listed 9 beautiful cities/towns to visit. Thanks to its interesting parks, various natural resources, waters, minerals, beaches and botanical gardens, we discover the diversity of Congolese culture but also African culture. So to discover even more about the diversity of Congolese culture we invite you to read other exciting articles on Congotalks243 or follow us on social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.