Let us show you 6 breathtaking places you won’t believe existed in the DR Congo.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a country very rich in natural resources and most other countries envy it for this fact – yes, they do! Grassy mountains, dense forests, hills, amazing waterfalls, lakes, and biodiversity have so much to make you fall in love with the place. In this article, we will travel to the DRC (virtually anyway) to learn about the most breathtaking places in the country that you should visit.

Mount Nyiragongo

In the heart of Africa and particularly within the Congolese biodiversity in the Virunga National Park, the Nyiragongo mountain is a delight for the eyes. It is 90 km from the city of Goma and Lake Kivu. It has a lava lake, covering 200 meters in diameter. This stratovolcano has known 32 eruptive phases since the first one in 1884, however, it has caused a lot of interest and curiosity on the part of several researchers from around the world.

The descent of volcanic lava reaches 100K/H and is considered the fastest in the world. It had its latest eruptive phase in May 2021. Although this lava lake is almost permanent, the volcano is very active and is considered one of the most dangerous places in the world, we advise you to take a tour to visit this wonderful place located in the tourist town of Goma, but always stay on the alert.

Kyubo Falls

Located 300 km from the city of Lubumbashi, in the province of Haut-Katanga, the Kiubo Falls are among the most beautiful falls in the country. They are essentially 90 meters wide and 60 meters high. The place is one of the greatest wonders to discover in the DRC with a special emphasis on nature, with beautiful forests, antelope species, and elephants very enticing to watch.

Kiubo Falls is on the Lufira River in the Upemba National Park, there are some very interesting and great places that you could visit, like the Kiubo Falls Lodge, a very friendly site allowing you to have an unforgettable stay within the national park. There are various activities, such as fishing, cruises, tennis, basketball, pedal boats, etc… There is also good food that you can enjoy while watching in the evening and hearing the Kiubo Falls.

The Mangrove National Park or The Mwanda Marine Reserve

Established in 1992, the Mangrove National Park is located in the Central Kongo Province in the Moanda Territory of western DRC. It is an environment very rich in biodiversity and is the only marine park in the country. It is home to different species of shrubs, several wetlands, mangrove forests, etc. It is a very beautiful tourist site, one of the most beautiful places that we suggest you visit once you are in DRC.

The Mangrove Marine Reserve will welcome you for hiking on the Congo River or the Atlantic Ocean or visit its different aquatic species: the marine turtle, the hippopotamus, the water birds, (the heron, the stork, the whistling duck), the African manatee, the mother cows and, other terrestrial species such as the bushpig, the buffaloes, and the monkeys. It is a beautiful place in the DRC that we highly recommend you to visit.

Boyomo Falls or Wagenia Falls

A series of 7 cataracts stretching over 100 km on the Lualaba River, this is a marvel located in the north-central part of the DRC not far from Kisangani and Ubundu. Each extending no more than 5 meters, they form the largest waterfalls by volume of annual flow rate in the world. We are pretty sure you’ll enjoy listening to the falls along the Lualaba.

Rwenzori mountains

On the border between the DRC and Uganda is a magnificent mountain range, with an altitude of over 5000 meters at the peak. It is a very beautiful place, which highlights the whole of the beautiful Congolese nature or Africa in general. It is the 3rd highest peak in Africa behind Kilimanjaro and the Kenya mount, and contains glaciers, a rainforest, emblematic species, elephants, birds, and more. Being part of the Virunga National Park, you can already imagine that it is a beautiful place and we recommend that you visit it one day.

Zongo Falls

Zongo Falls is located on the Inkisi River, about 135 km from the city of Kinshasa. It is a majestic and formidable site, for an unforgettable safari. To go there you must use a 4×4, there is accommodation with comfort taken very seriously, a warm environment for relaxation, a set of landscapes that you will adorably observe, attractive biodiversity, dense forests, and fresh vegetation. This jewel of Congolese nature is pure happiness for moments of meditation and reflection, or a treat of picnic between friends or family.

Closing Thoughts

The DRC has formidable biodiversity. Even if we have listed only 6 very beautiful places in the country, there are even more that will make you wonder about the abundance of nature in Congo: parks with endemic animals, fabulous waters, magnificent vegetation, colossal mountains with glaciers that are beautiful to observe. The country is full of quite interesting tourist sites, so you will have many options to choose from when deciding to visit them.

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